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Dozens of residents in an Oxfordshire village were left without water, forcing Thames Water to send water tankers and bottled water to the area as the country faces a growing drought and a impending heat wave.

As the supply returned to customers in the village of Northend on the Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire border, Thames Water said it was using tankers to boost supplies and keep water pressure up so more homes were not flooded.

Thames Water said 68 customers were without water for some time and pressure remains lower than normal due to problems with the Stokenchurch reservoir. It said it was hand-delivering bottled water to customers on its priority services register, those who have special requirements such as being medically dependent on water.

“We realize how inconvenient this is, especially in such hot weather, and appreciate customers’ patience as we work to resolve things,” a spokesperson said.

Thames Water said on Tuesday it would impose a snake ban in the coming weeks becoming the latest water authority to announce restrictions.

A longer period of dry weather and with more hot, dry weather is raising concerns that parts of the country could be declared in a state of drought later this week.

Farmers have already shared concerns about the success of their crops, with some saying it is currently too dry to plant oilseed rape, which could have a knock-on effect on next year’s harvest. Environmentalists are also raising the alarm about the drought’s impact on freshwater ecosystems, including fish.

And there’s more hot dry weather to come with a heatwave forecast over the weekend, and temperatures in the mid to high 30s forecast in parts of the UK.

The UK Health Security Agency issued a heat health warning on Tuesday, advising people to watch out for the young, elderly and clinically vulnerable in the heat. Heatwaves are silent killers in the UK, leading to spikes in heat-related excess deaths.

Scientists say heat waves will become more frequent and intense, and the country will see more impactful droughts in the future if global warming continues unabated.

Scientists have found that the UK heatwave recorded last month made at least 10 times more likely because of the climate emergency.

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