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Friction is the mind-killer when it comes to cloud gaming. You can’t just click on a game trailer to instantly play another game. But this week, Google seems to be rolling out a feature that could reduce that friction: if you simply search for the name of a game in Google search, you can be presented with a “Play” button that can launch the title instantly .

The Nerf Report‘s Bryant Chappel appears to be the one who noticed the change, and he quickly discovered that it’s not limited to Google’s own Stadia cloud gaming service either. He says it works with Amazon Luna, Xbox Cloud Gamingand Nvidia GeForce Now too.

There’s still friction – you must be logged into an account associated with these cloud gaming services, otherwise you’ll just get a login page, and there may still be prompts in between. Also it doesn’t seem to work with all games.

But with Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming, at least, one click of a Google search result will get you as far as navigating to your favorite cloud gaming service’s website, choosing your title, and pressing the play button would take you there. find

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It’s not clear when or if Google will fully roll out this feature. We first saw it live this afternoon, but suddenly it was gone and no longer appears in our search results. Then it came back for me, but only for my Google Workspace account, which is not associated with a cloud gaming service and cannot play Google Stadia at all. Chappel confirms The edge that he still watches it work from his home in Austin, Texas. 9 to 5 google saw it as well as.

My guess is that Google is running an A/B test with this feature to see how people react. Or maybe it jumped the gun, not unlike GeForce Now in 2020by rolling it out without permission from game studios.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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