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TAUNTON – The Taunton City Council unanimously approved a special permit for Medicine Man Solutions to operate a marijuana production and delivery service in a portion of the sprawling former Reed & Barton building.

The facility is next door Freshly Baked, a recreational cannabis delivery company.

“We are looking to partner with the city to make a positive impact on the community by hiring employees and increased revenue for the city,” said Medicine Man Solutions President Haskell Kennedy for the vote.

Kennedy, a social equity applicant from Brockton, said he would not seek a retail license to sell marijuana products at the site.

“It doesn’t fit the zoning plan for retail,” he said on Wednesday, August 10. I’m still interested in getting a retail license but not in that location. I will have more information about that later.”

Kennedy said he would “work with the powers that be” to secure a retail marijuana license.

He previously questioned the city council’s process of approving a host community agreement for a retail pot store to Herbal Logic, a Brockton cannabis company backed by Philip Nessralla, Brockton’s former longtime city attorney. It was the last HCA the city had to allot and shut Kennedy, who was proposing a retail operation at the time, out of the process.

Residents oppose marijuana supply

Ahead of the city council’s Aug. 2 vote to grant Medicine Man Solutions a special permit, Taunton resident Beverly Anslow expressed concern over the growing number of cannabis facilities in the city.

“I’m against marijuana because it’s dangerous for young people,” she said during the public hearing. “What kind of products are you going to make?”

Kennedy said the 1,419-square-foot facility at 144 West Britannia St. would produce cannabis-flavored edibles, terpenes and medicinal pills.

Construction of marijuana facility

Kennedy said Medicine Man Solutions officials hope to begin construction of the marijuana plant next month.

“We hope to be done in January or February 2023,” he said. “We will then proceed to obtain the final license.”

Medicine Man Solutions has yet to obtain state licenses at the local level and the building plans must be approved by the Taunton Planning Board.

Kennedy said the facility would be located at the front of the building.

“We will have a delivery lane where trucks can pull in and unload their supplies,” he said.

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Kennedy said the parking lot would allow three delivery trucks to access the marijuana manufacturing facility.

A city summary states that Medicine Man Solutions has agreed to own or lease all company motor vehicles “to be in the city during the course of the garage.”

“The purpose of this provision is to ensure that the city receives all other motor vehicle excise taxes due and payable due to the motor vehicles regularly used by the company in connection with its operations at the establishment,” it states. in it.

Marijuana Facility ‘Employees Only’

Kennedy said the facility would have a “minimum number of dedicated parking spaces” because there is no cannabis store on site.

“It will be an employee-only establishment,” he said.

There will be “very little traffic” through the establishment, he said.

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Odor abatement plan ‘as needed’

Kennedy said he does not expect the manufacturing of marijuana products to produce an unpleasant odor in the facility or industrial neighborhood.

“If necessary, an odor control plan can be implemented,” he said. “We will have an HVAC system that will handle any odor from the manufacturing process.”

Concerns over cannabis odor from a proposed marijuana production and cultivation site in the Myles Standish Industrial Park asked three councilors to reject Boston-based Greater Good’s request for a special permit on May 24.

The Council voted 5-3 to allow cannabis planting in a 5,000-square-foot area formerly owned by the National Weather Service at 445 Myles Standish Boulevard.

But the special permit request needed a super-majority of six yes votes for approval.

Marijuana Facility Safety Procedures

Kennedy said the marijuana production site would be near a security stand at the front of West Britannia Street.

“The corridors will have security (personnel) that will only allow people with the right credentials to be on site,” he said. “We will have our own (driveway) gate for people to have access.”

Councilman Barry Sanders said the building has an elevator that unauthorized people could use to gain access to the marijuana plant.

“How are you going to block it?” he asked.

Medicine Man Solutions attorney John DeSousa said the elevator was “locked out” to prevent unauthorized people from accessing the site.

“That elevator will not be used by my client,” said DeSousa, an attorney employed by North County Group Inc, a law firm in Taunton.

Kennedy said the elevator has been secured and is no longer functioning.

“It’s on the bottom floor,” he added.

DeSousa said there would be a security room near the marijuana site’s entrance to evaluate clients seeking access to the facility.

“There’s a new (manager’s) office going in so the manager can keep an eye on who’s going in and out,” he said.

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